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ART: Participatory Education

Updated: Mar 8

Why this project was started

When you're dealing with picking up the pieces of your life, sometimes it helps to just play. Yes, I know how frivolous that sounds. But there are marked benefits to art as play. From a healing/ therapeutic point of view as well as from an internal personal development perspective.


  • Using the time to learn the importance of the creative process

  • Strengthens self reflection, self awareness and personal development

  • Gain symbolic release through self expression. (The value of being free in a safe place to explore, helps promote a sense of interdependence /teamwork.. and move from the self toward the community

  • Creating something beautiful as a collective - why not?!


How might we introduce new skills development options within QRRC. To keep in line with QRRC brand to create a mural that adds a touch of excitement to the QRRC refuge?

As well as bringing out their core values in the design- to help reiterate to all what QRRC stands, what their values are and why this place exists?

Ultimately there are 2 main goals for this endeavour:

  1. Goal is to introduce a new form of personal development for individuals within QRRC

  2. To inspire support and inspire more people to join as volunteers and sponsors.

  3. Most importantly to inspire those who live on the property, to remind them daily what this place stands for and to inspire hope in their current situation--by adding a touch of fun to the wall we hope to help lift up peoples spirit through this positive message by reminding them of their own purpose as human beings

  4. Create a safe space for self expression & creativity


Values & Focus



Once client approved wall takeover, we then went to work. However, when we initially started scraping the wall, we realised that this was a harder job than expected, and that as 2 people, it wasn't going to happen. We then found someone who specialises in plastering, as we didn't want to risk plastering being rushed as this would ruin final mural. We commissioned the assistance of an expert in plastering and then finished the undercoat with the help of QRRC members prior to painting.. here's before/in progress

Thank you very much for plastering by Edward and team from TNA Projects.

Thank you very much for undercoat QRRC members


Approved Direction

Initial Progress


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