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School of Thought (2019-2021)

Updated: Jun 21, 2022

DX (Designerd (Pty)Ltd + XEDRI NPC) creates research-driven design solutions for start-ups, SME’s & Enterprises, while creating relevant career-advancing learning experiences for students & career-changes. We are experts in transition & change. We support many communities from ideation to implementation.

WE MAKE the imagined, REAL!


School of Thought was started out of necessity. For 4 reasons:

  1. There are many issues, social, technological, environmental & systemic.. We need to collaborate or be catalysts for positive change at scale.

  2. Many entrepreneurs start up, but can’t afford an agency to help them build their brand & optimise their internal operations or create unforgettable experiences for their customers. (Its a real chicken-egg/catch 22 for them). -- Many companies require research but are not conducting this correctly or efficiently --the right data is not being gained to inform best design decisions going forward

  3. Everyone who knows me, requires design services, and as I find all new start up projects exciting, and want to watch them grow & I feel a responsibility to help where I can-- the result is that I end up taking on too much work, which is not a sustainable way to live.

  4. At the same time there are many unemployed students with/without degrees, freelancers who want to be part of something more, and career changes who seek meaning within their lives & work. As well as wasted talent with amazing knowledge, not being shared.

The solution: School of Thought: Future Friday Sessions (DESIGN SCHOOL)

2019-2021- Prior to lockdown: Every friday, students & I meet in a physical space from 09:30 - 12:30 (Public space) to cover Design Principles, Process, Products & Possibilities. Using the entrepreneur/sme projects as design challenges we are now supporting 4 entrepreneurs through this programme with digital & print content development, educational content as well as branded collateral & marketing to help them create brands people need & love. During and post lockdown: All this happens online. Many career changers and students have joined in our programme, learnt what they needed to, then moved in the direction of their dreams. Many of whom still work regularly with us on various projects.

What we have done so far…

  1. Set up an online school

  2. Tested the online school process

  3. Set up the infrastructure and networking issues to ensure online collab

  4. Tested the online collaboration work process

  5. Have students who want to learn and do more to be part of positive change

  6. Reached out to various experts to help facilitate learning/ act as mentors / coaches to help build skills. (New coaches & mentors always welcome)

  7. Sought Expert Skills for Client projects

  8. Orientation process & skills vs needs assessment completed

Our Next steps:

We are a group of introverts and we now need more educators to join in not only in facilitating learning, but to manage and run & use their skills to execute on existing projects. This includes project management, budget and ensuring delivery.

Where you come in…

We believe that learning should always be fun! We learn best by doing, and we learn from each other. .

We also believe in giving credit where credit is due--anything you create belongs to you, but is created for the DX: School of Thought programme.

How this works:

  1. My primary customer is my students.. Curriculum is adapted based not only on the clients needs, but also on the students needs. You must design your learning programme for them in mind, and half our battle will be solved.

  2. Your presentation to students is first and foremost.. Share something that you feel is important to the human learning experience (All the things you wished you had been taught when you left school)--or anything that you feel helps contribute to solving any of the above challenges.

  3. Send your submission here: Tell me about yourself

School of Thought 2019 - 2021

Pre-event preparation

Reach out if you're interested in sharing knowledge

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