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Microphone Man - Meeting Size

Updated: Jul 2, 2022

This video was created based on all the experiences of various woman I've met.

Key thoughts from women & men

  • "Men only listen to men. They don’t take us seriously...It’s depressing"

  • "Yes I can relate! It’s what’s happening all over. They hire woman just to show they have diversity but don’t give us a voice or equal pay"

  • "I wasn't going to give up my business so someone else could look "good". Too many men tried contacting me to collaborate only because they wanted a woman of colour visible. They wanted me seen, but not heard."

  • "I interviewed a junior-mid level who expected to be paid senior rate. His dads friend hired him to give him an upper hand in the industry at senior CTC. Now he's masquerading as a senior. Inflated salary, inflated ego."

  • "I was hired straight out of college as an Art Director, when I was only a Junior Designer, because the company wanted to score points. It's good to be a man."



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